Prachuap Port Company Limited or “PPC” was established under the Sahaviriya Group on 4th October 1990 with registered capital of Baht 400 million. It was founded on 600 rai of land in Bangsaphan District in Prachuab Kirikan Province. The company was granted permission from the Ministry of Transport to operate as an international commercial seaport, providing services for international shipping, a full range of maritime activities as well as warehouse facilities. The company has the support of Thailand’s Board of Investment (BOI).

PPC is a deep sea port with an environmentally friendly design, incorporating it into the seashore’s natural environment. The port was developed from a natural deep water channel on the west coast. A boomerang shaped breakwater was also constructed using Accropode blocks as part of coastal defense to protect the anchorage from the effects of both weather and long shore drift. The company has comprehensive services to facilitate rapid economic growth for industry both locally and in nearby provinces. PPC has corporate strategies to expand and develop its services and facilities in order to fully accommodate the country’s economic growth.

Prachuap Port strategic location makes the part a vital logistic hub. Products from the Bangkok metropolitan region and the East Coast can be transported to the Upper Southern region which connects to the Andaman Sea, the gateway to Myanmar and the South Asia countries (BIMSTEC). Prachuap Port also connects to the Lower Southern region where products can be transported into Malaysia and on to Singapore. Prachuap Port capacity can efciently support both domestic and international transport of products to accommodate the growing logistics of the free trade market once the AEC is implemented.