Prachuab Port Company Limited is a commercial port business that provides services of berths for tankers and goods transfer ships both within and outside of the country, as well as goods depository services. The company recognizes the importance of the environment and hence the system and operating methods have been improved continuously to harmonize with and help preserve the environment.

As part of the environmental management system ISO 14001, the Company has decided to adopt the energy management system under the framework of the environment management system to promote the most efficient use of natural resources. The Company thus defines the energy policy to serve as a guide to operate energy affairs as follows:

1. The Company will operate and develop energy management system properly through defining it as part of the Company’s business operation in accordance with the laws and other related regulations.
2. The Company will carry out continuous improvement of efficiency in energy use of the organization so that it should be appropriate for the industry, technology installed and good work practices.
3. The Company will define an energy conservation target each year and communicate it to all the employees so that they can understand and follow correctly.
4. The Company thinks that energy conservation is the responsibility of the Company’s management and employees of all levels and they should cooperate in the implementation of the measures defined, monitoring and checking and report to the Energy Conservation Board.
5. The Company will provide the necessary support, including human resources, budget, work hours, training and participation in presenting the opinions to develop energy works.
6. The Company’s Management Board will review and improve the policy and target and energy action sections every year.

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Energy Policy