Prachuab Port Company Limited is a commercial port business that provides services of berths for tankers and goods transfer ships both within and outside of the country, as well as goods depository services. The company recognizes the importance of the environment: use of natural resources produced through activities of the organization, while is also aware of the importance of occupational health and safety: concerns the lives and health of all employees to prevent accidents. Illness or injury may be caused by the work and hence establishment of environment management system / occupational health and safety system is deemed to be appropriate to operate continuous improvement and to help protect the environment in conjunction with the employees’ duties. The operational guidelines and policies are as follows:

1. To provide berth services of loading/unloading, by regarding the impact on environment/occupational health and safety at work as the first thing responsible in operating work of every employee.
2. To develop fast and convenient operating system and service providing system to meet customer satisfaction under the laws and regulations related to environment/occupational health and safety at work.
3. To consider prevention of pollution that may occur to the environment and prevention of injury and illness due to work that may occur to occupational health and safety of the employees and those involved, focusing on developing improvement of pollution of various fields through encouraging improvement of work environment for efficiency.
4. To establish consciousness of the employees and those who come to operate in the Company on protection of environment; to encourage arrangement of various activities on environment/occupational health and safety, including publicizing and disseminating information to the public.
5. Managers and supervisors at all levels must act as a good role model as a leader who trains and induces employees to operate safely, while all employees must consider environment/occupational health and safely of themselves, of colleagues and the properties of the Company as important all the time of work duty.
6. All employees must cooperate in the environment/occupational health and safety management system projects of the Company and have the right to offer opinions in improving work environment and methods to work safely.
7. To review and analyze performance in the field of environment as well as in the field of occupational health and safety so to be in line with the objectives and targets to suit the current conditions by means of documentation and continuous practice.

The Company puts emphasis on the environment/occupational health and safety policies described above and improve them continuously to make it a guide for all employees, all sectors and all those related who come to operate in the Company to know, understand, effectively operate and stay forever.

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ISO 14001

OHSAS 18001