Since 2019 is a year that promotes and encourages ideas to create innovative products. Along with building good relationships with communities and society to comply with the strategy of “Thailand 4.0” , Driving the economy through innovation is an important engine for the strong national economic development in accordance with the current government policy. In addition, the company there is still hope to push. “Innovative business” to create value and sustainability for the business by promoting the creation of innovative works. The whole process services in various forms with awareness of the importance of stakeholders throughout the supply chain to create values that will lead to sustainable business growth.

    For the year 2020 with the mission of the company Prachuap Port Co., Ltd. is an agency in providing freight forwarding services. And product deposit “Prachuap Port” has entered into a new business plan that does not look only at the handling of goods. We focus on the Marine Business, whether it is a service garage business such as boat cutting, scrap yard, decommissioning. And many other businesses according to future opportunities and potential. Including preparing for various infrastructures both about the preparation of the master plan, finding ways and ways to break through the elimination of various aspects as well as human resource management to support future business plan.

    As for the operating results in this year 2019, the company had total revenues of 265 million baht, a decrease from the year 2018 which had a total income of 283 million baht, which was 6 percent, with the company net profit in 2019 totaling 57 million baht. On this occasion, I would like to express my gratitude to the Board of Directors, the management team and all employees. For dedication Perseverance and is an important force in expanding the business as well as leading the company Prachuap Port is limited to being recognized and respected in the region that is truly both stable and sustainable for business. Along with professional management and operations, the company can achieve its goals. On behalf of the board of directors and management of the company Prachuap Port Co., Ltd. I would like to thank customers, shareholders, business partners. And all benefactors that always gives confidence and supports the company’s business and sincerely hopes that it will receive continuous support from all of you in the future.

Somsak Sivapaiboon
  Managing Director