“Social responsibility” is one of the main policies that the Company put
emphasis on together with the Company’s business. The Company hence provides support to various charitable organizations, including implementation of projects and activities that benefit society as a whole. In such activities, the Company’s board-level directors act in laying frameworks for operation to oversee and evaluate the implementation, making implementation of the Company’s social responsibility to be effective and generate benefit to the community and wider society and be a guide for sustainable development.
Objectives of the Company policy: to be a leader of the commercial berth business which
conserves environment, considers safety and also supports and develops the society along with it. Social responsibility is another heart of sustainability of the Company to build communities and societies that can grow and strong. The Company hence supports activities that are focused on affairs related to improvement of the quality of life in the field of education and learning development, including providing assistance in various fields continuously. The policy is defined as follows:
1.Conduct business with integrity, transparency, fairness and accountability by emphasizing that the growth of the Company should be along with the improvement of quality of life of the employees, communities and the quality of the society and environment, including taking care of the interests of the people concerned according to the vision and the mission the Company defines.
2.Promote and provide knowledge on society and environment to the
Company’s employees of all levels in order to use as a common guide throughout the organization to develop and take care of the social and environmental responsibilities. 3.Promote implementation of social and environmental projects or activities by using the capacity and resources of the Company to achieve the targets and objectives worthy and efficiently.
4.Communicate and publicize the social and environmental projects or activities with the communities, societies and the people concerned in a form of two-ways communication, including to offer opportunities for the people concerned to participate in such projects or activities as appropriate.