“ International Standard Port with suitable solution and meet customers’ requirements. ”

Business Strategy

1. Increasing in more cargoes’ handling, services and facilities to cover customers’ requirements
2. Increase and improve facilities to meet the needs of customers.
3. To enhance our company corporate image of being recognized.
4. Build involvement between the port and the community; regard environment as significant.


earning To learn and develop continuously
Behavior to express the good attitude and conscious mind ready to learn new things; improve work efficiency and effectiveness steadily; ask ourselves if the current method is the best or not yet.
ustomer Focus on providing services to customers
Behavior to express the attentive, customer-centric services (both to the external and internal customers); do everything to meet the needs of customers instead of taking our own conveniences, with conscious mind to provide services.
esponsibility Responsible for the work done, with professionalism
Behavior to express the responsibility for the work assigned according to the roles and duties of their own; committed to work professionally, exactly know what to do and do what is right.
eamwork To work as a team
To work with others and cooperation have generous support of the team and to honor the leaders or team members can help the team work more successfully, by sticking to the main goals of the team as set.
articipation Involvement in the organization
Commitment to participate in the society both inside and outside of the organization will produce a sense of ownership of the activities that the organization holds and willingness to take part in all forms, even without request for cooperation, including participation in thinking and decision to achieve success of the activities.