Prachuap Port Company Limited emphasizes our social and environmental responsibility. We are determined to focus on good government practice, value our employees’ human rights and focus concern on the safety of society and the environment. We are committed to operating professionally and fairly as well as contributing to the development of our community towards a sustainable society and environment. We have received positive response for our social activities from participants and local stakeholders.

The company also gives its support to government organizations including the Marine Police Division, the Navy, etc. PCC contributes to the prevention of public hazards by supplying fire engines to be used in the company and the local areas. We work with Thailand Maritime Enforcement Coordinating Center Area 1 (Thai-MECC 1) to organize demonstration, training and exercise sessions as well as provide a designated area to dock Royal Thai Navy ships for public viewing and rescue victims from natural disasters by boat.

“ Our sustainable development vision means PCC will always operate our business with full responsibility and concern for our society and environment ”