PPC Berth


  • Ocean – going Vessel
  • Barge / Lighter
  • Vessel under repair


  • Steel Products
  • Palm Oil
  • Mineral
  • Containers
  • Projected Cargoes, Machinery, Heavy Equipments, etc.
Berth Capacity (DWT) Width (Meter) Length (Meter) Depth (MSL)
A Less than 100,000 DWT. 2 vessels a time 25 450 15
B Less than 20,000 DWT. 2 vessels a time 25 245 8 – 12
C Less than 110,000 DWT. 1 vessels a time 50 450 14
Less than 20,000 DWT. 4 vessels a time 442 8
D Less than 2,200 DWT. 4 vessels a time 50 250 8

PPC berth map

Pilot and Navigational aids

  • Tugboat of 3,100 BHP
  • Mooring Boat
  • Communication System and Sea Buoy
  • Port Station 67
  • Safety System and Guard

Handling Equipments

  • 2 X 100 tons Mobile Harbor Crane (PPC Shore Crane)
  • Gantry Cranes, 2×20 tons and 2×30 tons
  • Others; Forklift labor etc.

Tracking vessels through our AIS Station 1177

Warehouse / Storage area

  • Bonded Warehouse

Goods stored in this area shall be entitled to exemption of import duty, VAT, excise duty and tax. It was allowed for 2 years on the goods’ deposited time and would not be subject to any dues and interest of duty. It covering an area of 80 rai with 1,000 square meters warehouse.

  • Transit Shed

Prachuap Port has been approved by the Customs Department to set up legal quay and customs office at the port where customs clearance can be made. Cargoes can be stored in this area for two months and fifteen days waiting for customs clearance. The opened storage area is 20,800 square meters with the transit shed storage area of 1,000 square meters.

  • Opened Storage Yard

Opened storage yard is 74,000 square meters for general cargoes and 37,000 square meters for bulk cargoes. Moreover, the port has a marshalling yard for 300 TEUs container cargoes.

  • Marshalling Yard

Approximately 400-rai (or 640,000 square meters)

Prachuap Port Tide Station Hydrography of Navy